Tori Tonkotsu Ramen (Chicken and pork bone broth ramen) 1,030 yen.

Our store’s specialty. The savory soup is made by simmering a large amount of pork bones and chicken stock over a period of two days. This is served with our homemade noodles. Toppings include oven-baked Chashu (pork), kujo-negi onions, and pickled bamboo shoots. 

Tori Tonkotsu Ramen (Chicken and pork bone broth ramen)(Price including all toppings) 1,460 yen. 

Beef bone soy sauce Ramen 1,100 Yen 

With beef bones as the base, added with a rich, aged soy sauce, the thin noodles absorb the soup very well. Please enjoy the topping of umami filled wagyu! (the delicious topping of wagyu!   )

Tsukemen 1,230 yen

Price with all toppings included 1,660 yen

Soup is served hot and noodles are served cold. This dish combines homemade noodles that are made thicker with a hot savory soup served in a stoneware bowl. The star of the show are the noodles! The noodles are chilled with cold water so that the noodles can be tasted at their best. For this reason, the combination of cold noodles and a warm broth will be served. 

Hi Wa Mata Jiro (The sun will again Jiro) 1,030 yen

Good volume and good balance of oil is served. This dish is more gentle than your standard Jiro Style Ramen that will not leave you any discomfort the next day. We only serve this at a limited time frame of 18:00- 21:00. 

Maze Soba (A potent Soba dish with no broth) 930 yen

This dish is served with thick noodles combined with sauce and a raw egg. We recommend this dish for any who want to eat a big volume of food! This dish comes with rice. With the leftover sauce and ingredients, we recommend adding in your rice to enjoy. 

Wagyu Shoyu Ramen ¥2,200

Please enjoy our rich broth made from a combination of beef bone soup and Soy sauce from Okanao Saburo Shouten! Spread throughout the bowl is tender Wagyu meat that will just melt in your mouth.

Single item

Buta Don (Pork bowl with rice) 600 yen

Gyouza set/combo

Gyouza set/combo
6 pieces 450yen・10 pieces 600yen

The texture of the skin, the ingredients and freshness we offer are definitely worth trying! We stick to the authentic roots and traditions of how Gyouza was prepared. 

Golden browned dumpling skin with the best texture, fresh meat, tasty broth and vegetables. All of this becomes a harmony of flavor that will allow you to fully enjoy authentic Gyouza! 


Glass bottled beer (Kirin or Asahi) 600 yen 

100% Orange Juice 280 yen

Cocacola (Glass bottle) 280 yen